2016年孔子学院奖学金招生办法2016 Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Procedure


In order to support development of Confucius Institutes, facilitate Chinese language promotion and Chinese cultural transmission in the world, cultivate qualified Chinese language teachers and talented students of Chinese language, Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) (hereinafter referred to as Hanban) launches the “Confucius Institute Scholarships” program for providing sponsorship to students, scholars and Chinese language teachers of other countries for pursuing a study in relevant universities in China (hereinafter referred to as “host institutions”).


  I. Category & Eligibility


  The 2016 Confucius Institute Scholarship Categories are:

1.Scholarship for Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) Students

2.Scholarship for one-Academic-Year Study + MTCSOL Students
3.Scholarship for Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other
Languages (BTCSOL) Students

4.Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Study Students

5.Scholarship for One-Semester Study Students

6.Scholarship for Four-Week Study Students

Application is open to applicant who owns a non-Chinese citizenship, aged between 16 and 35, in good health condition, (Applicant is currently working in a Chinese language teaching position shall not exceed the age limit of 45. Undergraduate student shall not exceed the age limit of 20).

1. 汉语国际教育专业硕士 资助期限为2学年。申请者须具有学士学位或相当学历,汉语水平不低于HSK五级180分、HSKK中级50分,提供毕业后拟任教机构工作协议或相关证明者优先。

1. Scholarship for Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) Students

This category provides a sponsorship for 2 academic years. Applicant should own a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, a minimum score of 180 in HSK Test (Level 5), and a minimum score of 50 in HSKK Test (Intermediate Level). Applicant who is able to provide the employment agreement or certification upon finishing the study from designated working institutions is preferred.

2. 一学年研修+汉语国际教育专业硕士 资助期限为3学年。申请者须提供与孔子学院或拟任教单位签订的协议,具有学士学位或相当学历,汉语水平不低于HSK三级180分、HSKK初级60分。

2. Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Study + MTCSOL Students

This category provides a sponsorship for 3 academic years. Applicant should provide the employment agreement from a designated Confucius Institute or a prospective working institution. Applicant should hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, a minimum score of 180 in HSK Test (Level 3), and a minimum score of 60 in HSKK Test (Beginner Level).

3. 汉语国际教育本科 资助期限为4学年。申请者须为具有高中以上学历,汉语水平不低于HSK三级180分、HSKK中级40分。

3. Scholarship for Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (BTCSOL) Students

This category provides a sponsorship for 4 academic years. Applicant should hold a high school diploma or above, a minimum score of 180 in HSK Test (Level 3), and a minimum score of 40 in HSKK Test (Intermediate Level).

4. 一学年研修生 资助期限为11个月。面向孔子学院(课堂)学员,海外本土汉语教师、中文专业学生、HSK考试成绩优秀者,不招收在华留学生。汉语水平不低于HSK三级180分、HSKK初级60分,或者不低于BCT(A)180分、BCT(口语)180分。

4. Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Study Students

This category provides a sponsorship for 11 months. Application is open to Confucius Institute (Classroom) students, overseas Chinese language teachers, Chinese language major students and excellent performers in HSK test. International students who are now studying in China are not eligible for the scholarship. Applicant should have a minimum score of 180 in HSK Test (Level 3), and 60 in HSKK test (Beginner Level). Alternatively, applicant should hold a minimum score of 180 in BCT (A) , and a minimum score of 180 BCT (Speaking).

5. 一学期研修生 资助期限为5个月。申请者无来华留学经历,汉语水平不低于HSK二级120分、HSKK初级40分,或者不低于BCT(A)100分、BCT(口语)120分。

5. Scholarship for One-Semester Study Students

This category provides a sponsorship for 5 months. Applicant should have no prior experience of studying in China, but have a minimum score of 120 in HSK Test (Level 2), and a minimum score of 40 in HSKK (Beginner Level). Alternatively, applicant should have a minimum score of 100 in BCT (A), and a minimum score of 120 in BCT (Speaking).

6. 四周研修生 资助期限为四周,以研修汉语为主。面向孔子学院(课堂)学员、HSK/BCT优秀考生和《孔子学院》期刊读者俱乐部优秀会员。申请者须提交HSK或BCT成绩报告,无来华留学经历。

6. Scholarship for Four-Week Study Students This category provides a sponsorship for 4-week study which is mainly focusing on Chinese language. Application is mainly open to Confucius Institute (Classroom) students, excellent performers in HSK test, and outstanding club members of Confucius Institute Magazine. Applicant should submit a HSK or BCT score report, and have no prior experience of studying in China.


“Chinese Bridge” (Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students) Winners who have been awarded the 2016 “Confucius Institute Scholarship Certificate” can apply for admission according to the scholarship specified in the certificate.


II. Majors, Host Institutions & Admission


This year, 150 Chinese universities are entrusted as the host institutions of the scholarships which provide various subjects including Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, Chinese Philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Music, Chinese Dance, etc. For more detailed information of the host institutions, please find the Application Form on the Confucius Institute Scholarships Website (http://cis.chinese.cn).


Admission for students of MTCSOL, one-Academic-Year Study + MTCSOL, BTCSOL, one-Academic-Year Study, and one-Semester Study is either on September 1st, 2016 or March 1st, 2017.


Four-Week Study courses are available from July 15th – August 14th, 2016, or December 15th, 2016 – January 14th, 2017. Courses at other time durations can only be arranged on the condition of recruiting 10 students minimum, and applicants from Confucius Institutes (Classrooms) should initiate your application 3 months in advance.


III. Scholarship Coverage, Criteria and Academic Assessment


The Confucius Institute Scholarship provides full coverage on tuition fee, accommodation fee, living allowance and comprehensive medical insurance expenses.


Tuition fee is under the overall planning and utilization of host institutions to provide teaching, management, Chinese language proficiency tests (HSK/HSKK), and cultural and social activities for scholarship holders.


Accommodation fee is under the overall planning and utilization of host institutions which should provide scholarship holders with free dormitory rooms (usually double rooms). For those who live off campus with the permission of host institutions are entitled to accommodation allowance from host institutions on by month or by quarter. The allowance criteria are RMB700 per person on monthly basis.


Living allowance is granted by the host institutions on monthly basis. The allowance criteria per person are:

* BTCSOL, One-Academic-Year Study, One-Semester Study: RMB2,500 per month

* MTCSOL: RMB3,000 per month

Enrollment status is based on semesters of host institutions. Students who are enrolled before the 15th (or on the 15th) of the admission month, are entitled to the full allowance of that month. Students, who are enrolled after the 15th of that month, are only entitled to half of the allowance.

4.Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Study Students

The living allowance for the month of graduation will be granted half a month later upon confirming the graduation status by host institutions.

During the study, for any students who is absent from China of personal reasons for more than 15 days (excluding legal holidays), the allowance will be suspended during absence. Allowance will be terminated in case of schooling suspension or dropping out for personal reasons.


Comprehensive medical insurance is purchased by the host institutions in accordance to relevant regulations on international students stipulated by the Ministry of Education of China. The insurance fee per person is RMB800 per year.


The degree scholarship program applicants (Category 1, 2, 3) are subject to annual academic performance review. Only those who achieve outstanding records in academic and Chinese language proficiency are entitled to a full scholarship for the following year; those who achieve average academic records are entitled to partial scholarships; the others will not be entitled to scholarship any longer. Partial scholarships consist of tuition fee, accommodation fee and comprehensive medical insurance. The One-Academic-Year Study and One-Semester Study programmers is required to attend Chinese language proficiency test before graduation. Test fee is reimbursed by host institutions.


IV. Admission Procedure


Scholarship recruitment is open all year round on a trial basis. For applicants, recommending institutions and host institutions, please find admission procedures and scholarship recruitment results on the Confucius Institute Scholarships website (http://cis.chinese.cn).

1. 申请者登录奖学金网站,注册、填写《孔子学院奖学金申请表》并附上有关证明材料电子扫描件。

1. For application, please log on to the Confucius Institute Scholarships website (http://cis.chinese.cn) to register, complete the Confucius Institute Scholarships Application Form online, and upload the scanned copies of relevant supporting documents.


2. Entrusted by Hanban, Confucius Institutes (independent Confucius Classrooms) in different countries, overseas Chinese language testing centers, educational and cultural sections of Chinese embassy and consulate, and host institutions in China are working as recommending institutions to engage in the applicant selection, materials review, host institutions connection, and collecting and handing over applicants’ documents to host institutions.

3. 申请材料经过汉办奖学金处确认有效后,由接收院校审核入学资格,并向汉办提交预录取人选。

3. Once application materials are verified by the Division of Scholarships of Hanban as valid, host institutions will then review the eligibility of applicants and submit the admission list to Hanban.


4. Hanban will conduct an overall assessment of all applications and admit applicants on the basis of competitive selection. Normally, the admission results will be announced within 45 working days after the application materials are confirmed as valid.


5. After confirming with the successful applicants, host institutions are required to post “Letter of Admission”, “Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China” (JW202 Form), copy of the scholarship certificate and other relevant documents to the recommending institutions within 15 working days.


V. Disclaimer


1. Incomplete or unqualified applications will not be processed.

2. 申请材料弄虚作假,或非本人填写提交的,一经查实,申请资格将被取消。

2. Applicants will be disqualified from application in case of fraudulent application materials or application materials are completed and submitted by someone else.


3. Scholarship winners who cannot register with the host institutions on time should inform the host institution about the reasons in written form within 15 days before the admission date. For those who do not register as requested without reason, the scholarship will be canceled.


4. Scholarship will be canceled for those who do not pass the admission physical examination, drop out, or take schooling suspension during the study.


孔子学院总部/国家汉办 奖学金处

地址:北京西城区德胜门外大街129号 邮编:100088

Fax:+86-10-58595727 Email:scholarships@hanban.org

4.Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Study Students

VI. Contact Information

Division of Scholarships, Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban)

Address: 129, Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100088

Fax: +86-10-58595727 E-mail: scholarships@hanban.org


Appendix: Application Documents for Confucius Institute Scholarships



Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban)





Application Documents for Confucius Institute Scholarships


Recommending institutions and host institutions should examine the completeness, validity and accuracy of applicant’s name, nationality and permanent address on the passport. If the following documents are not in Chinese or English version, notarization documents should be provided.


I. For all applicants

1. 护照照片页扫描件。未满18周岁的申请者,须提交在华法定监护人署名的委托证明文件。

1. A scanned copy of the passport photo page. Applicants under the age of 18 shall submit relevant documents of entrusted legal guardians in China.


2. Score reports of the HSK, HSKK or BCT, BCT (Speaking). Winners of the finals of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions may submit the award certificate and the “Confucius Institute Scholarship Certificate”.


3. Recommendation letter signed by the head of the recommending institutions (please provide objective comments on the applicant, including whether the applicant is a student of Confucius Institute or other identity. Chinese language teachers shall submit an employment verification letter and a reference letter provided by the institutes they work for.)


II. For degree scholarship program applicants

4. 提供最高学历证明(毕业预期证明)和在校学习成绩单。

4. Certification of the highest education diploma (or proof of expected graduation), and an official transcript.

5. 汉语国际教育专业硕士和“一学年研修+汉语国际教育专业硕士”须提供两名副教授以上职称导师的推荐信;提供毕业后拟任教机构工作协议或相关证明者优先被录取。

5. Applicants of the Scholarship for MTCSOL Students and Scholarship for “1-Academic-Year Study + MTCSOL” students are required to provide 2 reference letters from professors or associate professors. Those who can provide an employment agreement or related documents with the designated teaching institution are preferred.

三、 接收院校如需要提供其他证明材料,将直接与申请者联系沟通。

III. Host institutions will contact applicants directly if other materials are required.
Bewerbungsschritte für das Konfuzius-Institut-Stipendium (2010)

Das Konfuzius-Institut-Stipendium wurde von Hanban bzw. vom Zentral des Konfuzius Instituts mit dem Ziel eingeführt, Studenten und ChinesischlehrerInnen auf der ganzen Welt anzuregen, Chinesisch zu lernen oder die Chinesische Sprache und Kultur zu erforschen.

I. Auswahlkriterien:

1. Ausgezeichnete Studenten bei den Konfuzius Instituten oder „Classrooms“ weltweit

2. ChinesischlehrerInnen und solche die es werden wollen, die sich der Verbreitung
der chinesischen Sprache und Kultur widmen

3. Studenten, die bei Chinesischtests(HSK), die von Hanban bzw. vom Zentral des
Konfuzius Instituts organisiert werden, exzellente Ergebnisse erzielt haben

4. Studenten, die bei „Chinese Bridge“-Wettbewerben für ausländische
Universitätsstudenten, für Schüler einer weiterführenden Schule oder für
ausländische Studenten in China hervorragende Ergebnisse erzielt haben

5. Diejenigen, die sich aufgrund von bestimmten Richtlinien von Hanban bzw. vom
Zentral des Konfuzius Instituts qualifizieren Bewerber dürfen keine Chinesische
Staatsbürgerschaft besitzen und müssen in einem guten Gesundheitszustand sein.

II. Stipendiumskategorien und Qualifikation:

1. Stipendien für fortgeschrittene Studien

Dauer: Ein Semester bis ein akademisches Jahr. Bewerber sollen über chinesische
Grundkentnisse verfügen und unter 55 Jahren alt sein.

2. Stipendium für den Masterstudiengang „Chinesisch als Fremdprache unterrichten“

Dauer: 2 Jahre. Bewerber müssen einen Bachelor-Abschluss oder ein Äquvalent
besitzen und unter 45 Jahre alt sein.

III. Unterstützte Studienfächer:

Vom Konfuzius-Institut-Stipendium unterstützte Studiengänge beinhalten Literatur, Bildung, Geschichte und traditionelle Chinesische Medizin und Pharmazie.

IV. Rahmen des Stipendiums und Kriterien:

1. Stipendiumshalter müssen keine Studiengebühren zahlen, sie bekommen Unterkunft auf dem Campus gestellt und erhalten, wenn benötigt, ärztliche Behandlung

2. finanzielle Unterstützung für Lebensunterhalt (CNY/Monat)

a. Fortgeschrittene Studien: CNY 1400/Monat
b. Masterstudiengang „Chinesisch als Fremdprache unterrichten“: CNY 1700/Monat

3. Ein einmaliger Zuschuss für Studienanfänger (CNY)

a. Studenten, die in China 1 akademisches Jahr oder länger studieren: CNY 1500
b. Studenten, die in China mehr als ein Semester, aber weniger als ein akademisches
Jahr studieren: CNY 1000

4. Zusammenfassende Krankenversicherung wird von Hanban bzw. vom Zentral des Konfuzius Instituts im Fall einer schweren Erkrankung oder einem Krankenhausaufenthalt übernommen.

V. Empfohlene Einrichtungen zur Abgabe der Bewerbung:

1. Möchten Sie sich bewerben, gehen sie auf die Konfuzius-Institut-Stipendiumsseite
auf http://cis.chinese.cn, erstellen Sie ihren eigenen Account und füllen Sie das
Bewerbungsformular aus. Dann schicken Sie es ausgedruckt und unterschrieben
zusammen mit den restlichen geforderten Bewerbungsunterlagen an die
Konfuziusinstiute in Deutschland vor dem 15.April.

2. Die Einrichtungen werden den besten Kandidaten auswählen und die Bewerbungen zu den annehmenden Instituten weiterleiten. Die Beurteilung wird dann von den
annehmenden Instituten durchgeführt und die Ergebnisse werden an Hanban bzw.
Zentral des Konfuzius Instituts bis zum 30. April weitergeleitet. Dann wird eine
letzte Auswahl vorgenommen und die ausgewählten Kandidaten werden

3. Bewerber können den Bewerbungsprozess und die Ergebnisse durch ihren eigenen
Account verfolgen.

VII. Bewerber sollen die Unterlagen folgendermaßen verschicken:

1. Das Bewerbungsformular des Konfuzius-Institut-Stipendiums auf der Webseite
ausfüllen und abschicken, dann dieses ausdrucken und abschicken.

2. Kopie des Reisepasses beifügen

3. Bewerbungsstellungnahme: sollte den Hintergrund des Chinesischlernens und den Studienplan in China des Bewerbers darstellen und nicht weniger als 200 Wörter lang
sein. Bitte ausdrucken und in Chinesisch oder Englisch unterschreiben. Für Bewerber
für den Masterstudiengang ist ein detaillierter Studienplan erforderlich.

4. Chinesischkenntnisse-Zertifikate: eine Kopie von den HSK-Ergebnissen ist für die
Bewerbung für einen Masterstudiengang dringend erforderlich.

5. Diplome und Zeugnisse: sollen direkt vom Verwaltungssekretariat der
Schule/Universität mit einem offiziellen Stempel unterzeichnet sein. Dokumente in
anderen Sprachen außer Chinesisch oder Englisch müssen mit notariell beglaubigten
Übersetzungen geschickt werden. Bewerber ffür den Masterstudiengang sollten 2
Empfehlungsschreiben in Chinesisch oder Englisch von Professoren oder Dozenten

VIII. Annahme:

1. Hanban bzw. Zentral des Konfuzius Instituts werden den Einrichtungen und Instituten die Ergebnisse bis zum 31. Mai 2010 mitteilen.

2. Die annehmende Institute werden einen Annahmebrief und die Bescheinigung den Bewerbern zukommen lassen.

IX. Registrierung:

Der Stipendiumshalter muss sich vor dem Ablaufdatum bei dem annehmenden Institut einschrieben, sonst könnte dieses verloren gehen.

X. Kontakt:

Abteilung für neue Initiativen und internationalen Austausch, Hanban
Fax: 0086 105859 5957
Webseite: http://www.hanban.org

E-Mail: scholarships@hanban.org